FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - C&C Modular Cages

If I buy a single level modular cage, can I buy a floor later?

Absolutely yes. All floors fit into the modular cages in our offer. If for any reason you are not able to buy a single-level cage at the moment, then buy a single-level one and you will buy a new floor e.g. in a month. This way you don't have to wait and you and your pets can enjoy the C&C modular cage right now. Please note that the floor can only be bought for a modular cage with a minimum size of 3x2 with dimensions of 110x75 cm. This is necessary so that the ramp can also fit freely in the target set. 

Which cage for a guinea pig?

Guinea pigs are very contact animals and need close contact with humans to feel comfortable and happy. The best cages for guinea pigs are modular cages with an open top. The little pets feel better contact and more interest from your side, as there is no barrier between you in the form of a canopy. If you are looking for a modular cage for guinea pigs, you should be guided by the highest quality and years of experience.