• Refund Policy

C&C Moduar Cages products represent the highest quality. Returns to us are practically non-existent, and single cases over the years were usually the result of so called "wrong present". 

No complaints are reported either.  All customers are very satisfied with our cages, runs and other products. This is evidenced by almost exemplary opinions about C&C Modular Cages concerning our assortment and customer service. We are recommended by 100% of satisfied customers. 

However, of course, if a return is reported we will recognize it in accordance with applicable consumer law. 


According to the current law, you have 14 days to return the goods. To withdraw from the contract and return the product purchased from us, fill out the necessary statement and send it back with the returned product.
If you wish to return a product, please inform us first by e-mail: info@candcmodularcages.pl.

Complaints .

For this purpose, please contact us at: info@candcmodularcages.pl.

Your complaint will be processed within 14 days.

We will inform you by e-mail about the further procedure.

If the complaint is accepted, we will replace the product.