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C&C cages 

Modern C&C modular cages mean better contact with your pet
Cages without top grids make your rodents happier, as they have better contact with their environment, and you will also enjoy watching your pigs and bunnies in all their glory.

You will see exactly what they do and how they behave. In an ordinary cage, it is difficult to pet the animal or to grasp it and take it in your hands. We only have access to the pets through a narrow, opening window in the cage.

A cage roof, in the case of most rodents, proves to be completely unnecessary. With our C&C Modular Cages you will have no such problems. Access to your cuddly pets is unrestricted, which will promote your more frequent contact.

łatwy dostęp do świnki morskiej w klatce C&C Modular Cages

C&C modular cages offer plenty of space

Your guinea pig, rabbit or hedgehog can no longer just run around on the floor or on the couch. C&C Modular Cages give them plenty of room to roam. With more daily exercise, they will be healthier and happier. And you will enjoy watching your pets running and jumping, even when you don't have time to let them out of their cages. 

Duża przestrzeń klatek modułowych C&C Modular Cages

Quick and easy bedding changes

Do you associate cleaning the cage and changing the litter with unpleasant duties? You probably don't like to do many of the things that are necessary in conventional cages, such as disconnecting the bars from the litter tray.  If you buy our C&C Modular Cages, you will forget about these problems once and for all, and cleaning will take no time at all. All this is due to the appropriate construction of the cage.

prosta i szybka wyniana podłoża w klatce C&C Modular Cages

C&C Modular Cages: Joy to Power - Modularity to the Cube

Upon purchase you will receive from us:
Square metal panels - Original C&C grilles (black)
Unique plastic connectors for C&C grids
Tray - you choose from 4 attractive colors to match the interior of your home
Plastic rivets for litter boxes 

Thanks to the self-assembly and modularity of C&C Modular Cages, you can implement your own ideas. Are you used to the purchased cage layout? - Change it in 5 minutes by combining the modules a new! 

C&C Modular Cages