If you won the lottery, would you be jumping for joy? Probably yes. With a lot of luck it would be natural. Guinea pigs also jump for joy - fortunately, you don't need as strong an incentive as winning the lottery - just give them their favourite food, for example. There are other ways, too.

But let's start by explaining what such joyful jumping of pigs is commonly called.

It is "popcorning" - the name, of course, comes from the association of the behavior of pigs with shooting popcorn during its frying.

Many people wonder if their little guinea pigs are sick or having some kind of seizure - or maybe something is hurting them? No, it is simply "popcorning," an expression of pure joy. A popcorning guinea pig will leap straight into the air without warning. Very often the jumping is accompanied by vigorous spinning around.  

These uncontrollable bursts of joy are most often observed in young guinea pigs, but it happens to adults, too. However, the size and weight of adolescent cavies in relation to their short little legs will probably make them less inclined to such youthful frenzies.

One thing is for sure - if you already know that popcorning is a positive behavior then you enjoy it and want to watch it as often as possible because you know your pet is happy and full of vigor.

So how do you make these moments last longer and happen as often as possible? Besides good food, give your pets more entertainment. One of the best ways to provide it is to buy a modular heel cage. Pigs love to run up and down the floor. Running back and forth on the ramp is a lot of fun for this little animal - and it'll be a beautiful spectacle for you, too, especially when the running is accompanied by the aforementioned "popcorning." When choosing a floor cage, choose products from the renowned C&C brand - then you can be sure to get a top-quality modular cage.