• Extra large dog run CandC 6x3 210x110 cm

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Dog playpen 

A large space for your little friends to run around - more exercise means their health and well-being.

Dimensions: 210x110x37 cm

Why C&C Modular Cages?

  • the highest quality of manufacturing of the original C&C pen - metal and plastic elements are made of the best materials
  • modularity of the construction of C&C grids and connectors - you can create any construction like a puzzle made of bricks. Changing the shape of the enclosure from time to time will be a novelty giving joy to your little one
  • You can use it both indoors and outdoors. After folding it takes up very little space (35x35x8 cm), so you will be happy to take it on trips
  • thanks to special C&C connectors the whole runway can be assembled in a moment
  • the C&C grids do not have any sharp edges - they are safe both for you (when folding) and for your little friends
  • painting of C&C grids is very durable - it is a thick layer of abrasion resistant paint

C&C modular playpen as a stylish furnishing element of your home?

Our customers are delighted with the unique look of the C&C playpen! The black color of all elements, modern shapes and glossy surfaces make the C&C Modular Cages fit into almost any interior and match perfectly with other furniture in the room. It is a completely new, timeless design. Most playpens available on the market are made of ordinary, unpainted steel bars, which look unattractive and spoil the image of your interior. Our C&C pen is a stylish and elegant playground for small animals. 

C&C Modular Cages playpens and pens reviews:

"It met our expectations 100%. Yorkies feel very well in it, and on top of that the pen looks great! The neighbors are jealous ;)"

"I was looking for a playpen that would simply look nice in my room. I have to admit that the quality is really great. The metal grids painted glossy-black, the connectors glossy - and the whole enclosure looks very modern. Kids are happy, because they have a lot of space to run (I bought 5x3). I RECOMMEND this store - the staff is friendly and helpful - thank you!"

"Playpen sensational! Every few days we change the shape of the pen to keep our dogs entertained. We have already converted the layout into the letter L and U. The grids can be assembled into any shape like blocks - brilliant :) We've had a few other enclosures before, but we haven't seen anything like this yet :)"
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