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C&C Modular Cages 5x2

One of the bestsellers of our C&C brand.  Already thousands of guinea pigs and bunnies enjoy the large space of this cage. 

The C&C Modular Cages 5x2 is a product that provides very good value for money. It's already a very big cage, and at the same time it's definitely cheaper than a model like C&C Cage 5x3. 

Our products are something more than just cages. They are very nice, made with the highest precision elements of your apartment equipment. Glossy, black cages look very modern and perfectly fit to every interior.  

Do you have a cat or a dog at home? Match the cage with a canopy to protect the pig, bunny or hedgehog in the cage. 

Cage dimensions:
180 x 75 x 37 cm

Height of the litter box: 12 cm

C&C Modular Cages are the best cages for small animals:
"I have heard that C&C cages are the best for pigs, but I didn't think they were that great ! :) Great space for pigs to run around like crazy. Cleaning the cage is very easy, you don't have to disassemble anything like in traditional cages. I will definitely buy something else from this store :)"

"Cage fantastic, pigs happy, but above all very professional contact with the seller. I highly recommend :)"

"Sensational purchase! The crates are fantastic to use. I love them that you can change the spacing every now and then. Full convenience :) And the pigs are happy, they have somewhere to run now :)"

Why cages of renowned C&C brand ?
- Guaranteed highest quality of all elements.

- original C&C modular cage bars, size 35 x 35 cm

- small meshes in the bars - only 37 millimeters - very safe for small animals that will not get stuck

- litter box for modular cage is made of original material of highest quality - exclusive for C&C brand

- unique colors and shades of litter boxes - dedicated to C&C brand

- original C&C packaging providing extreme protection for your cage during delivery

- possibility of extending the cage with original C&C accessories (e.g. floor, ramp, door and many others), which only fit original C&C cages

Modern C&C cages with open top
Cages without top bars make pigs, bunnies and hedgehogs happier having better contact with you and the environment. In a regular cage, it would be difficult to pet your pet or to grab and hold them. 

A C&C cage provides plenty of space
Your pet will feel at ease. With more exercise, he will become healthier and happier!

Quick and easy changing of the floor
Cleaning the cage is a chore for you? With the C&C cage, thanks to its clever design, you can forget about these problems once and for all.

In addition, the C&C litter tray is super resistant to your pets' poop. So there will be no litter box discoloration that occurs in regular cages.
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